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QuarryDraw is a multi chain project, which aims to fractionalize the blockchain infrastructures that runs the network, by bridging the gap between people and blockchains.

Blockchain utilize a consensus mechanisms to maintain decentralization while validating transactions, thus creating a public, transparent and fair ledger. In exchange participants are usually rewarded in native coins by both blocks rewards and additional users fees, which are used to pay for any type of computation on the network.
Security increases based on number of participants in the consensus, that’s why blockchains, if they want to be secure and decentralized, need to have as many people as possible to be able to participate.
Sadly to join requirements are always high and not everyone has the possibility to either buy the hardware or own the amount of coins needed to stake them.

That’s not our case.

Our solution aims to help both parties, blockchains and people. We will provide a fractionalization of these elements to finally expand the opportunity to everyone, everywhere.

QuarryDraw’s role

Every technical knowledge needed to get set up as a participant of the consensus will be handled by us and people that later on will join the team as a validator host.
Our main role is to lower and provide a non-technical entry to blockchains’ consensus and its rewards.

Our business model is clear and very simple.

Crypto projects at their core are businesses and people are both users and investors and the only healthy relationships that should occur between these parties is a crystal clear and sincere one, in which every money flow (coins and tokens) is described in details.
As many of you know, wether you like it or not, this is not what it’s currently being adopted as standard in this space.


Every network that we will be working with has its own features and it will be dealt as a standalone environment.
As a general representation our business model will be the following:

Business model

People will have the possibility to join us as Investors and help fund the blockchain infrastructure, thus generating rewards for their work or to join us as user to actually use our services and infrastructure, while rewarding all the investors and not a single centralized authority.

The input and the fee will vary, as for energy expensive equipment investors will be asked to contribute partially at its maintenance as for not energy expensive equipment investors won’t be required to help maintain it, but we will ask a input to assert that the ownership is being handled by an active user. For the expensive equipments the fee will act as an input. This will help us to rewards active users and discourage a loss or a forgetfulness of funds.

Ownership will be under the form of tokens depending from the type of chain we are working on, but you will be always able to trade your tokens in both marketplaces or AMM, and in most cases you will be able to redeem them if you feel like not holding it and cash out your investment.
QuarryDraw will provide the fractionalization of the ownership over the hardware, the technical knowledge, the space and the energy to fulfill our role.

We would love to share with you also how we will utilize business profits to develop and grow our ecosystem.
A percentage of profit from the validators will be used to:

Maintenance of the team and infrastructures

A business without a team and its tech won’t thrive.


Marketing will be used to help spread the word of our work, surely a good project will make his voice be heard in the market but we won’t exclude the possibility to help its growth with marketing actions.


It could be possible that even a fraction of the business and/or his own service couldn’t be enough appealing for some people. That is why we could run a campaign to incentivize people to join by increasing rewards or lowering even more the cost of entrance. Any campaign will be taken only if the condition will allow it.

Reward ownership

We will aim to reward ownership as much as possible. As fractions of validators are hard coded at a capped number, we will increase scarcity by burning shares, which will increase even more the value of your ownership and therefore increase your rewards.

QuarryDraw also aims to provide business with services like technical help, access to blockchain technology as blockchain data and computing power, blockchain creation (subnets, …) and more as we grow and develop further.

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Fractionalization of blockchain infrastructures. Bridging the gap between people and blockchains on any network.

If you want to learn more you can check out our Docs or join us on Discord, Twitter or just by visit our website.



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