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Validators will be the main actors on our Avalanche journey, here you have a graphic representation, as for now, of what you will be able to do as an investor:


Let’s take a quick dive into major steps:


Your investment will be used as collateral for the validator, in exchange for that we will issue a Token that will represent you ownership of the validator, this token will be always backed at least with a 1:1 ratio by $AVAX. As the project grows and mature your share’s backing will increase overtime. Avalanche Validators doesn’t have risks of coins slashing for inadequates behaviors, needless to say that we will aim for the best score and reject anything that won’t let us achieve it.

Validators are designed in a way that the validation period will need at least a 2w period of lock up, and a maximum period of 1y. As we want to give the opportunity to everyone to participate we will validate on a 2w lock up basis as it will give everyone the possibility to purchase shares and occur rewards on them in the shortest period of time possible.

Token ownership

Token released by our protocol will represent a share of our infrastructure and as such it won’t be possible to mint it in excess for free, this will guarantee full backing at any time.

By releasing fractionalized ownership is very important that we also introduce an input requirement in order to verify if investors are still active on our ecosystem, this will prevent losses and forgetfulnesses of funds while incentivize people to take mindful role in our work and our economy. Inactive funds won’t collect any rewards, which will be routed through active investors at every rewards distribution incentivizing further more participations and its rewards.

As we don’t wont to stop you from managing at best your capital we will provide various solutions to not have a stagnant portion of your money. Our first approach to it will be secure partnerships or create from scratch loan opportunities against our ownership token. As these tokens will be backed we are highly confidents that we will establish a demand on markets to facilitate your flexibility.


Users of the QuarryDraw protocol will have various possibilities, as time passes these possibilities will grow.

Here we have a graphic look at interactions between us and our users:



We want to introduce as soon as possible the ability for users to liquid stake their $AVAX. The service goes perfectly along with the Validator, as all tokens will be delegated side by side with the validator. Undoubtedly, fees obtained by this service will be earned by ownership holders.

Liquid-Staking is a DeFi product that was born with the intent to not lock up your capital as you are earning yields from any type of DeFi mechanism, by using interest bearing tokens.

We will be looking both for partners and a built in solution to facilitate and increase your opportunity to play with your liquid staked $AVAX in the DeFi ecosystem.


Avalanche give validators the possibility to take tokens delegation along side their stake giving users the possibility to contribute to the network, but you are in fact contributing more to the validator’s stake, which will increase his power as well its portfolio with your fees.

Every validator is in some shape or form is controlled by an entity and most of the time this entity takes complete, or almost complete, ownership of profits from staked $AVAX.
Revenues collected by liquid staking fees will be distributed to owners of the validator, be sure to participate if you want to collect extra revenues!

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